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Welcome to Justheadshotsla. I've been a LA headshot photographer for all types of people, from the actor to the business individual - from the novice to the pro - for over 20 years.


As an actor and performer myself, I've been in your shoes. I've been on the other side of the camera so I know what you need as an actor or professional to get the best shot.


Located in beautiful Sherman Oaks, I have successfully created a relaxing environment, taking natural light headshots as well as multi-light set ups based on what you need. 


Rain or shine, it's always a good day to shoot. So whether you're new to acting or have been doing this for years, my goal is to give you the best version of you by collaborating to develop your look.  I want your image to shine from all the rest so when a casting director is combing through hundreds of images, yours stands out, or on LinkedIn, I want your profile pic to get you noticed.


Whether you're an actor looking for cheap headshots, but professional headshots, or a business person looking for corporate headshots, let me take your professional headshots, and help you become a working actor and professional. 


Give me a call, consultations are free!


Let's get you noticed!


Sonia Keshishian

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